What Is Fing?

Fing is super-fast and the most reliable Network IP Scanner App around. Since 2009, Fing has delivered advanced IP network scanning features to both iOS and Android. There is a reason the app has over 30 million downloads – the Fing network IP scanning technology is trusted, reliable and super-fast.

Why Indiegogo?

This project involved creating and designing alongside the marketing team an Indiegogo campaign, the reason for the Indiegogo campaign was to introduce a hardware addon to the already millions of Fing app users. The hardware would add extra features that from research we knew the users had been wanting.

The challenges

There were many design challenges when working on this project that needed to be resolved. The main challenge was to present the features of the complex product in a way that everyone would understand a lot of the user base had a high amount of knowledge of network security but we wanted the product to appeal to everyone.

The other challenges included trying to get the millions of app users aware of the campaign and trying to influence them to upsell from the free app to the paid hardware.


To overcome these challenges a lot of planning, testing and iteration were required.

The first step of the project was to think about the Indiegogo campaign page, this is a landing page on the Indiegogo site, this will be the main page users are directed to support the project.
What we wanted the page to include:

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Tech specs
  • About the company
  • The development steps of the new product

We iterated these designs multiple times to test the designs and layouts that worked the best. The success of these designs was measured by the click-throughs and the number of backers we received. Some of these page designs included elements such as:

The other hurdle that we had to overcome was getting users to the Indiegogo campaign site, there were many avenues that we had with this but the main two were through in-app advertising and email marketing.

In-app advertising required the most experimentation and development to see what solutions worked best.


All in all this project was a huge success working closely with marketing and creating multiple design iterations and many hours of research and development we managed to raise over $1m from 18k backers within the year that the project was live rendering the whole project a huge success and allowing the company to further grow and develop its offerings.

Other Work

Website Redesign

The compleate ende to end ovehall of a clients website from design to implementation

Website Redesign

The compleate ende to end ovehall of a clients website from design to implementation

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