Growth Engineering

TKA Mobile app

What is The
Knowledge Arcade?

The knowledge arcade is one of the 3 products that make
up Growth Engineering, a company that creates learning
managment software for various businesses around the
world, with thousands of users.
The Knowledge Arcade is the mobile-based platform that
aims to make learning fun through gamification, with over
9X more engagement compared to other comparable

The audience

The app is sold B2B so our main users are employees of big companies that use the app for training for things such as, health and safety, fire safety, sales procedures and more. The list of users is extremely varied from sales assistants to CEOs. When researching one of our main hurdles was trying to get in touch directly with users as customers were reluctant for us to contact employees. To overcome this we had interviews with the learning managers from each of our clients to scope their feelings about the app. We also sent out surveys to all clients to gain even more of an understanding of what they were looking for in terms of the design and functionality.

The project

The aim of this project was to work on a full redesign of this app to give it a more contemporary feel as well as working with the key stake holders and users to improve usability.

The users were enjoying the app and the effectiveness had been proven. The main issues were…

• Inconsistent navigation and user flow

• Awkwardly placed elements

• Dated look and feel

• Poor focus on the learning elements of the app when opening for the first time.

Current Flow

One of the first things with this project was to create a user flow with the stakeholders and users wanting more of a focus on the learning materials it was important to understand how this was currently being accessed and how it could be improved.


After the research the main results for areas of improvement were.

1. Social

Better use of social elements with the eLearning content and team building.

2. Seamless

Seamless integration with day to day activities and learning, ability to quickly find specific content that may be required.

3. Pushing content

Clients wanted the ability to use in-app notifications to make users aware of updates or urgent required content.

4. Design

A clean design that will allow for customisation to each of the client’s brands and yet keep the GE feel.

I came up with various concepts and designs as a result of our research. Throughout this process, we were in discussion with:

• Key stakeholders

• Product managers

• Customer Excellence

• Developers

• Clients

I broke down the ideas into sections, as we couldn’t interview users directly we made use of surveys. Which we could send out to all of our clients as well as in house users of the app to get general thoughts and feelings. Gaining a greater understanding of what the client needs from the update.

Updated Flow

After caring out a vast amount of research including talking to key stake holders, carrying out user surveys and doing user testing. A updated user flow had been agreed, this updated flow included added elements to allow the app to integrate with the users day to day activities as well as encoraging them to return. One of the key consepts that were introduced to encorage users to return on a regular basis was the addition of streaks allowing the user to build streaks for returning on a daily basis earning points and their for adding gamification to more aspects of the app.
To improve the access to the learning materials within the app a home page was added this home page would include snap shots from each area of the app allowing quick access to any content they wished to learn more about.

The results

This project was a huge success, the KPIs for this project were based around user engagement which was measured in the number of users opening the app per day, the number of new users and the content that the users compleated. In all of these areas, there was a huge improvement, this refresh of the product also saw a massive selling point to new customers. This initial project was just the start when it came to working at Growth Engineering these improvements were carried over to all of the products in the company.